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About Me

Oil Painting in Yosemite National Park

My Background

 I was always an artist but only began to  call myself one  in 1994 after moving to California from Pennsylvania. I entered my first professional art contest  in 1995  and won a prize and since then have been selling and showing my work.  I took up "plein air" painting in 2008 and I was hooked. "Plein air" is a term used by the French artists that set up a studio on location in the open air and quickly painted their impression of the scene. I was encouraged by teachers along the way including the late Pam Glover "plein  air" painter. I am also a  member of the "Glover Group" which I helped to formalize in 2011. My work can be seen in many places around the country and in France.  I live in the Sierra Foothills, a painter's paradise. 

My Oil Painting Palette

My Medium

Susan primarily works in oils on canvas. She creates fine art in the manner of the famous paintings like the impressionism of the French masters. She paints on location as well as in her studio. She likes the way the oil stays wet while painting outdoors and the laying down the paint thick and the exceptional colors that this medium offer. Susan also paints in watercolor, goauche, and acrylic.

Easel and painting set up on Algerine Road

My Inspiration

Painting on location in the beautiful countryside is Susan's inspiration like that of the impressionism movement. Susan is inspired by glorious creation including people and animals. Trees and old buildings are always a favorite of hers too.

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